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I feel you all around me, your memories so clear

Now bring out the figgy pudding...

So, I babysat my cousin Jane on Thursday. She had swimming lessons, so I drove her there. Put on some really stylish blue booties over my shoes, and went into the pool area with her. I sat in a plastic chair amongst all the other moms, and watched while she had her lesson. I haven't been in a public pool for a very, very long time. It's funny, because when I had swimming lessons in the same pool that Jane takes hers at, I looked at it with a child's eyes. When I was there on Thursday, I looked at it with adult eyes. My perspective is so much different now. The instructors are so incredibly young. When I was little, I had thought they were so old, but really.. they're about 20. Crazy.

Anyhow, Jane had been taking level 6 for about 5 sessions, and had never passed it. But on Thursday, she was so eager to look at her little report card (I remember that so well), and she passed! I was so proud of her. And she was thrilled.

Also on Thursday, during lunch at school in the library, I had a most interesting talk with a guy from my Math class. We talked about Mike. I hardly ever (okay.. never) talk to guys, much less talk to them about my boyfriend. It was the oddest thing. Quite humorous as well, since we got talking about our sex life, and then just about sex in general. He lost his virginity at a party. He's one of those. Ugh.

Yesterday, I got paid. Oh my God. I got paid. The most money I've ever held in my hands at a given time - $220. Geebers. I feel rich. But, in it goes into my bank account. I'm saving up my money to buy a computer. Or a digital camera. Or both.

Today, I'm going downtown with Taryn. We're going to exchange Christmas presents, though we both know what we got each other. I think I'll bring down some of my spare change and give it to the panhandlers, like I said I was going to.

Have you ever wondered what snot is made of? What's it composed of? Why does it happen? Why did that thought just occur to me?

He watches as she gets ready to walk home. She tosses her books into her backpack and slams the locker door. He stays ten steps behind her as she winds herself through the crowds. She doesn't stop to talk to anyone, and no one calls to her. She has few close friends. She likes it that way.
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