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Chapped lips

My lips are chapped. The bitter wind and slashing rain has just about knocked me senseless. My hair is sticking to my head in wet, tangled mats, my lips are cold and flaking, and my nose could compare to Rudolph. All this and I've just been walking for a half hour.

I was walking home from the University where I met with Evan, the 9-year-old boy I'm going to be teaching piano from January to April while my teacher is on maternity leave. I'm actually quite excited about it. He seems like the sweetest little boy; very enthusiastic and driven. He practices for a half an hour every day.. That's more than I can say for myself.. And I'm in what grade 8 piano.. and he's in... what? not even 1st? Pathetic, I know. I'm hoping he might inspire me, actually.

Yesterday after my piano recital (my last one ever - horrah!), we picked up a Christmas tree and decorated it. It's lovely. Our house smells like sweet pine and Christmas. There are decorations and knick-knacks up everywhere as well.. It's definitely putting me into the Christmas spirit. And, hey, I have all my Christmas shopping done.

Speaking of Christmas, I decided this weekend that as my uh, First Annual Good Christmas Deed, I'm going to give out the multitudes of change I have to panhandlers. I got the idea whilst walking downtown with Taryn last weekend, looking at all the panhandlers sitting there in the cold. I always want to give them some change, but it's always buried deep in my bag, and I feel so awkward digging up some and throwing it in the empty hat. Or perhaps I'll bake some cookies..
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