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I can still taste his kiss on my mouth, and smell his breath on my cheek.

Mike left early this morning. We said goodbye last night. I cried.. even though we'll see each other again in 2 months. Two months is nothing. This time we had to wait 4 months. But it's always sad to see him go. I missed him as soon as I walked out of his hotel and into the night. I drove home with tears in my eyes. I can't wait to get my film developed. I'm going to try to have it developed by tonight.

He inspires me to write.

I must make a list of New Years Resolutions. This year is going to be a good year.

So, we got the scanner working a few days ago. I'm on a bit of a posting spree.. Look at these pictures of me when I was a kid.. Hehehe..

I've also uploaded a few REAL photographs that I've taken and developed onto my deviantART account. None of that webcam crap. These photos were taken using my manual Canon AE-1 camera.


(I'm really just procrastinating about studying for Math and Bio... I should get on that... maybe in a few minutes...)
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