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Into the night

This new sweater makes my boobs look big[ger].

Did it seem to anyone else that this year didn't really feel like Christmas as much as previous years? Today seems like a normal day, despite opening presents this morning, and the festivities that will be happening tonight.

I suppose I should do the normal thing and list a few things I received:
- 2 turtlenecked sweaters;
- peasant shirt (which I'm not sure I'll ever wear.. not really my style);
- clogs;
- new discman (my old one broke in Europe this summer);
- moola;
- calendar;
- socks ;
- chocolate and candy;
- etc.

Now, I should really go shave my legs so I can wear a skirt tonight. Mmm... turkey...

If I could fly, I'd pick you up and take you into the night, and show you a love like you've never seen...
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I had to go to work and clean up a mess from our Xmas party, and then afterwards I went to IHOP with my friends who couldn't celebrate because they're Jehova witnesses.

Normal day, eh?

Oh, and I drank afterwards.
IHOP, eh? I hear they sell good pancakes there.

Myself? I stuffed myself with turkey, mashed potatoes, and tarts..

-looks down at her bulging belly-

They do. Heh, IHOP rules, but I guess I should've spent Xmas with family.

There's always tomorrow. Or in this case... next year.