The Girl Nextdoor (karly) wrote,
The Girl Nextdoor

I'm just a girl, just an ordinary girl

Stupid surveys.

[1] last dream: Strangely enough.. one just last night. I was, erm, with two guys.. -cough-
[2] last car ride: taking Jane to swimming lessons. Last bus ride? coming home yesterday.
[3] last kiss: Mike
[4] last good cry: about a month ago when I had a sort of mental breakdown
[5] last missing library book: a long time ago
[6] last movie seen: Mr. Bean's Christmas - in Math class on Thurs.
[7] last book read: in progress.. Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon
[8] last curse word uttered: Jesus Christ! (while Scott coughed all over my breakfast)
[9] last beverage drank: orange juice
[10] last food consumed: bun thing from the Italian bakery
[11] last crush: ah.. last crush that wasn't a boyfriend? ..that would be too many.
[12] last phone call: Taryn
[13] last tv show watched: A Wedding Story on Fri.
[14] last item bought: lunch food yesterday - sandwich
[15] last time showered: yesterday morning.. and in about 10 minutes
[16] last shoes worn: sneakers (duh)
[17] last cd played: a burned cd - mellow tracks
[18] last mp3 downloaded: Benny Mardones - "Into the Night" (recommended by Mike)
[19] last annoyance: my brother coughing into my breakfast
[20] last disappointment: things about next year
[21] last soda drank: Pepsi. from work.
[22] last thing written: ...can't remember
[23] last key used: R
[24] last word spoken: Jesus Christ!
[25] last trip to the bathroom: about a half hour ago
[26] last sleep: last night.
[27] last instant message: Mike, last night, at midnight
[28] last sexual fantasy: making love to Mike in a chair.
[29] last orgasm: erm.. last night
[30] last weird encounter: ..
[31] last store shopped at: i tried on a great shirt from Bluenotes yesterday.. would have bought it if I'd had money
[32] last ice cream eaten: couple months ago. vanilla.
[33] last time amused: ..
[34] last time wanting to die: ..
[35] last time in love: i am right now
[36] last time hugged: i do believe it was by my dad a couple months ago when i had that nervous breakdown
[37] last time scolded: about 1 minute ago.
[38] last time resentful: Thurs
[39] last chair sat in: kitchen table chair
[40] last lipstick used: ah.. i don't' wear lipstick. i wear chap stick! cherry!
[41] last underwear worn: boring black undies
[42] last bra worn: my new hot pink one
[43] last shirt worn: baby blue really LOW shirt
[44] last class attended: Math on Thurs
[45] last Final taken: Math in the summer from summer school
[46] last time dancing: in my room..
[47] last poster looked at: college in my room?
[48] last concert attended: ah.. i don't see concerts.. Nelly and Swollen Members and all them.
[49] last webpage visited: my friend's page
[50] last boy/girlfriend: ah..before Mike? ..Ben.
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December 22 2002, 11:27:15 UTC 14 years ago

two guys eh? hmmm

I'm not enough for you, is that it!!! :P